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Beatles: From Kinfauns to Chaos

Track Names for Disc 1

KINFAUNS - 16 Claremont Drive Esher, Surrrey Late May 1968
  1. Julia (recorded in a higher key and features the version in a different order)
  2. Blackbird (features a double tracked vocal, no break, natural bird sounds and a slightly slower pace than the studio version)
  3. Rocky Raccoon (this early version is significantly shorter lacking the opening and closing verses)
  4. Back in The U.S.S.R. (lacks the final verse "show me round your snow peaked mountians...)
  5. Honey Pie (this version also appeared on Anthology 3 in excellent stereo, but missing the final verse)
  6. Mother Nature's Son (lacks the picked intro of the finished version)
  7. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (Paul occasionally loses time when he double tracked this vocal, but this is an otherwise spirited take. Not suprisingly this version is closer in feel to the Sessions version than the finished take)
  8. Junk (appeared on Anthology 3 in stereo, but lacking some guitar bits and vocals heard here)
  9. Dear Prudence (John lets out a "whoops!" as he flubs his double track vocal and finishes with a spoken outro)
  10. Sexy Sadie (features an undeveloped ending)
  11. Cry Baby Cry (lacks the "cry baby cry" intro and has a different ending)
  12. Child Of Nature (earliest incarnation of "Jealous Guy" - an early highlight of the Lost Lennon tapes radio series)
  13. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (animal noises courtesy of the other Beatles)
  14. I'm So Tired (with an extra spoken passage: "When I hold you in your arms...")
  15. Yer Blues (some early lyrics of note here: John is only "insecure" here and not "suicidal" like Dylan's Mr. Jones)
  16. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (lyrically the same but otherwise completely different in feel)
  17. What's The New Mary Jane (what's noteworthy is that there's a demo for this song at all)
  18. Revolution (lacks the "you say you'll change the Constitution" verse)
  19. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (featuring alternate early lyrics)
  20. Circles (George dug this one up 14 years later for his Gone Troppo LP)
  21. Sour Milk Sea (George gave this to Jackie Lomax to record for one of Apple's first releases)
  22. Not Guilty (George only waited 11 years to get back to this one on his George Harrison LP)
  23. Piggies (piggies "cut their porkchops" instead of "eat their bacon" here)

Track Names for Disc 2

CHAOS - EMI Studios, NO 3 Abbey Road London NW8
Tues. June 6, 1968
  1. Revolution #1 (take 20) playback #1
  2. Revolution #1 (take 20) playback #2
  3. Unfinished Jam #1
  4. Unfinished Jam #2
  5. Revolution #2 (take 1)
  6. Revolution #2 (take 2) / Unfinished Jam #3
  7. Revolution #2 (take 3)
  8. Unfinished Jam #4 / Revolution #1 (take 20) playback #3
  9. Unfinished Jam #5
  10. Revolution #1 (take 20) guitar and organ overdub (take 1)
  11. Revolution #1 (take 20) guitar and organ overdub (take 2)
  12. Revolution #1 (take 20) guitar and organ overdub (take 3)
  13. Unfinished Jam #6
  14. Revolution #1 (take 20) playback #4
  15. Dialogue
  16. Revolution #1 (take 20) guitar overdub
  17. Dialogue
  18. Revolution #1 (take 20) RM1 ("take your knickers off and let's go")

Assembled from the finest quality master tapes available, From Kinfauns To Chaos documents an ending and a beginning: the end of the Beatles as a cohesive assemblage, and the beginning John and Yoko as a collective unit.

Disc One is the most complete, best sounding version to date of the May,1968 "White Album" demos recorded at George's "Kinfauns" bungalow.

Disc Two highlights a June, 1968 mixing session for the "slow" version of "Revolution #1", featuring special (and constant) guest Yoko Ono. Get ready for a wacky, wild ride with the Fab Four (Plus One)!

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