David Gray

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David Gray in San Francisco

May 23, 2001
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA

Disc 1:

  1. Intro (00:32)
  2. Sail Away (05:57)
  3. White Ladder (05:34)
  4. Nightblindness (06:45)
  5. My Oh My It Just Don't Stop (04:39)
  6. Babylon (06:35)
  7. This Year's Love (04:33)
  8. We're Not Right (03:10)
  9. Silver Lining (06:13)
  10. Twilight (03:02)
  11. Please Forgive Me (07:41)

Total time: 54:41

Source: Sat(dsbd)>Sony SAT-A55>optical>Zoltrix Pro6>HD(48KHz)
Conversion: CEP2k(48->44.1KHz)>CDwav(split)>shn v3
Seed date: 10/26/01

Seed Notes:

This was broadcast as a free-for-view on DirecTV.

This is not a complete show. The complete setlist is added below.

Edititing done on SF5.

Sector boundaries verified with shntool.


Complete Setlist
(-) =song not broadcast

Sail Away
White Ladder
My Oh My It Just Don't Stop
-Real Love
This Year's Love
-All The Love -> Black Dog
We're Not Right
Silver Lining
Please Forgive Me
-Late Night Radio ->
-Faster, Sooner, Now
-Say Hello Wave Goodbye

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