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The Erotica Versions Volume 1

Disc 1:

  1. This Used To Be My Playground (Extended Version)
  2. Erotica (The Sex-Book Remix)
  3. Deeper And Deeper (Shep's Classic 12''-Mix)
  4. Fever (Hot Sweat 12''-Mix)
  5. Rain (Remix Edit)
  6. Up Down Suite (Dub)
  7. Bye, Bye Baby (Madonna's Night On The Club-Mix)
  8. I'll Remember (Guerilla Beach-Mix)
  9. Erotica (William Orbit 12''-Mix)
  10. Deeper And Deeper (Shep's Fierce Deeper Dub-Mix)
  11. I'll Remember (Orbit Remix)
  12. This Used To Be My Playground (Instrumental-Mix)
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