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Riverboat President

February 11, 1982
S.S. President Riverboat
New Orleans, LA

Disc 1:

  1. Gloria
  2. Another Time, Another Place
  3. I Threw A Brick Through A Window
  4. A Day Without Me
  5. An Cat Dubh
  6. Into The Heart
  7. Rejoice
  8. Electric Co.
  9. I Fall Down
  10. October
  11. Stories For Boys
  12. I Will Follow
  13. Twilight
  14. Out Of Control
  15. Fire
  16. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
  17. The Ocean
  18. New Year's Day
  19. A Celebration

Source tracks 18, 19: December 6, 1982 Hammersmith Palais, London, UK

Source: Silver CD ("Riverboat President," liberated bootleg) > EAC > WAV > SHN

Notes from FLOM:

Sound Quality: Very good to excellent audience. We briefly lose the right channel on the first track.

As far as I know, this is the first ever CD release of this material - quite unbelievable, considering the fantastic quality of both the recording and the band's performance. It was recorded before a crowd of around 1500 on a five-deck riverboat, The SS President, whilst cruising the Mississippi River. Although there is a tape edit between Tracks 12 and 13, this CD contains the complete energetic performance. The packaging is excellent. The cover features a black and white photo of the band standing in front of the ship's bridge, while the 12-page booklet features numerous shots of the band, some of which are claimed to have been shot during this performance. There are also a couple of shots taken during the filming of the "Gloria" video. It's incredible that material of this quality is still surfacing thirteen years later. It has rapidly become one of my favorite recordings. I highly recommended this. This is only the third release from this record label; apparently the others have been very high quality as well. They seem to take pride in the material they put out, and might be a good label to look out for in the future.

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