Bruce Springsteen

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Miami Rising - DVD

November 23, 2002
American Airlines Arena
Miami, Florida

Two Discs:

  1. The Rising
  2. Lonesome Day
  3. Promised Land
  4. The Ruse
  5. Candy's Room
  6. Empty Sky
  7. You're Missing
  8. Waitin on a Sunny Day
  9. Out in the Street
  10. Worlds Apart
  11. Badlands
  12. She's the One
  13. Mary's Place
  14. Because the Night (with Bono and Dave Stewart)
  15. For You
  16. Into the Fire
  17. So Young and in Love
  18. Glory Days
  19. If I Should Fall
  20. Born to Run
  21. My City of Ruins
  22. Born in the USA
  23. Land of Hope and Dreams
  24. Dancing in the Dark
Comments from Lynne:

I haven't watched/listened to this whole show carefully. I did note that there are a couple of blips in it and a couple times when the sound level changes. I didn't note on which particular songs it occured. It only happened a couple of times that I noticed.

This is in NTSC format.