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Bizarre Festival 2000 - DVD

Aug 18, 2000

Disc 1:

  1. Intro Rockpalast
  2. Intro Coldplay
  3. Spies
  4. Don't Panic
  5. Bigger Stronger
  6. Hight Speed
  7. Yellow
  8. Trouble
  9. Shiver
  10. Everythings Not Lost
Comments from Lynne:

This show is proshot for TV (The WDR bug stays in the top right corner during the whole show). It has great video and audio. A startup screen allows you to just Play the show or pick the individual songs. It is indexed per song.

This is from before Chris wore his now expected right hand wrist wrap and his Make Trade Fair writng on his left hand.

I have not documented every blip, but it is a blippy show. My notes say a blip or two during every song.

I have not watched the whole show.

This is in NTSC format.