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Dancinb Zoo TV - DVD

Stockholm, Sweden
June 11, 1992

Disc 1:

Comments from Lynne:

The DVD starts out with a stupid first screen which tells you that it was ripped for the persons own personal use. There is no fancy starting screen. The show is pro-shot from multiple angles. It is not indexed per song, but instead about every 5:30 or so. There are 45 chapters, however chapters 25-45 are all the same showing the songlist and playing Dancing Queen.

This is a sephia version of the show, meaning it is all in brownish hues. The sound is a bit choppy at the beginning. The audio and video are noticeably out of sync during Zoo Station, but then it is fine afterwards. .

This is the show that was broadcast live into the living room of a contest winner and so Bono is constantly saying something to 'John' and his girlfriend. They are broadcast to the concert on a big video screen.

I have not watched this whole DVD.

This DVDR is in NTSC format.