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Popmart Edmonton - DVD

June 15, 1997
Edmonton, Cananda

Disc 1:

Part 1
Comments from Lynne:

No fancy starting screen. This is not indexed per song. The picture is nice, but not as nice as some proshots I've seen. It has a small line down the bottom of the screen. The audio is just fine.

It starts out being shot by a single camera behind the stage on Edge's side (lots of Edge ass shots :). Then after a couple of songs (around I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For) it goes to a single camera that focuses on the widescreen behind the band. You can see the band, just they are just little people. Then during If God Will Send His Angels it goes to multi-camera. When the band is on the b-stage, there are some nice close-ups of each of the band members.

I have not watched this whole video.

This DVD-R is in NTSC format.