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Early U2 Performances - DVD

Disc 1:

  1. Youngline, March 1978, 2 chapters
  2. Pop On the Box 1979, 1 chapter
  3. Get It Together BBC 1980, 1 chapter
  4. Belfast Queens University Jan 1981, 3 chapters
  5. Mandagsborsen Sweden Feb 1981, 2 chapters
  6. Pink Pop Festival June 1981, 2 Chapters
  7. Something Else BBS May 1982, 2 chapters
  8. Fire TOTP 1981, 1 chapte
Comments from Lynne:

The opening screen of the DVD shows a list of the eight titles. It is not a fancy start-up screen.

The audio and video range in quality from fair to maybe very good. The thing about this DVD though is that it is a hoot! My kids and I watched it and we all laughed the entire time. Young U2 is something every fan should see.

This DVD+R is in PAL format. I currently cannot copy it.